Size really does matter

Sizing labels will not always help you get the right fit! Not only can sizes differ from designer to designer they can also change from one year to the next. For instance, a size 10 in the fifties is like a size 4-6 today. The best thing you can do, is follow the size on the label and pick the size in the size table.

We ask our sellers to not only mention the clothing size but also to specify the total length-, bust-, waist- and hip size.

Measure better

Knowing your measurements is the best way to select the right-sized clothing and get the best fit.

Unsure about your own measurements? Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Use a soft tape measure. If you don't have a soft tape measure, use a string and then measure the string with a ruler.
  • For your bust size, keep your bra on and measure the fullest part of your bust.
  • For your waist size, measure the smallest part of your waist. While it might be tempting, don't suck in your stomach.
  • For the hips, measure the fullest part of your hips.


It is very important that everyone speaks the same language when it comes to judging the condition of the vintage fashion items.

Please use the descriptions below as reliable indications. They might seem a bit rigid at times but they'll help prevent any unhappy surprises!

New  |  Mint  |  Excellent  |  Good  |  Average

NEW or NWT (New With Tags..)

Need we say more? Remember those Gucci shoes, screaming to you from the window display? Yes, they were a little bit too small but absolutely to die for. Of course, you brought them home where they sit untouched, still in that beautiful dark grey box.

Or maybe it's that lovely Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress, the vivid colors really worked for you in the boutique mirror. Sure, the only available size was a tiny bit too small. But you thought: I'll just lose some weight and slide it on! That was months ago, and there's the dress still hanging in the back of your closet, with the tags on.


The item appears to be unused, shows no wear and looks like new. Like that pretty Lanvin evening gown, worn once to a charity ball. (Who wants to be seen twice in the same gown?) Then it disappeared into a garment bag.


Means just that: excellent. It has been used once or twice and has minimal wear from gentle handling. A Birkin handbag may show a surface scratch, or a Prada dress may have a minor fade spot on the lining.


Normal wear you'd expect from the age of the item with an imperfection or two that would be specifically mentioned, such as a nick on an special leather jacket or a minor stain on a Chloé coat.


Has been used, but not abused, and shows more noticeable wear. Items in this category will show normal signs of frequent wear. Worn details will be mentioned. A Chanel button may be missing on that gorgeous Coco LBD, or maybe there are a few loose stitches around the zipper of a YSL-skirt.