Standard Membership

In order to buy or sell on our platform a standard membership is required. Getting a membership is easy! With this membership you can buy loose ads (to put your pre-owned-with-love fashion item online for sale) or hit the ‘contact seller’ button in order to get in touch with one of our sellers.

The Standard Membership is free of charge Register now!

Front Row Membership
The Front Row Membership is and extended version of the Standard Membership. Your extra: you are this first with access to our latest postings - 24 hours earlier before everybody else sees them. This enables you to be the first to get in touch with the sellers of the ‘most wanted’ pre-owned-with-love fashion items! You can also make a wish-alert so we can inform you when your dream item gets online.

2 months - 5,00 Euros
6 months - 13,33 Euros
12 months - 26,67 Euros

Upgrade your Standard Membership to a Front Row Membership in your account.

VIP Membership
The VIP Membership is the perfect solution if you would love to sell more than one piece on our luxury platform. VIP Members have their own VIP boutique, which can be customized, and the membership contains free ads. As a VIP you also have 24 hours earlier access to the latest postings. In short:

  • Free advertisements in your Boutique
  • All your ads will automatically be spotlight ads (worth 5 euro each!)
  • Your own web address: e.g.
  • Decorate and personalize your own shop
  • 24 hour exclusive VIP access to all new postings

2 months - 5 free ads included - 17.50 Euros
6 months - 15 free ads included - 50.00 Euros
12 months - 30 free ads included - 90.00 Euros

All ads need to be posted within the period of 2 months.

Upgrade your Membership to a VIP Membership in your account.