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In case you drastically cleaned out your wardrobe, and you discovered a pile of fashion items, it is time to open up your own Boutique!

Our VIP Membership offers a lot of exclusive perks:

  • 5 free advertisements in your Boutique
  • All your ads will automatically be spotlight ads (worth 1.95 euro each!)
  • Your own webaddress: e.g.
  • Decorate and personalize your own shop
  • 24 hour exclusive VIP access to all new postings takes no commission on sales, all proceeds are for you!

Online advertisement exposure is 2 months. If you continuously extend your membership, your remaining free ads will be transferred and added to your new bulk.

Important! You will receive an extension alert by email. If you decide not to extend when your bimonthly VIP term terminates, your remaining free ads will be lost.

Become a VIP Member for just 17.50 euros for a two monthly period. You need to register to become a VIP Member.