All revolves around authenticity this is the main reason why we created our platform. We oppose to any form of counterfeit., our sellers and VIP members are committed to a rigid zero-tolerance counterfeit policy. Reproductions, fakes or copies are not acceptable.

What do we do?

  • Our Approval Team curates every posting before confirming it online
  • Our team of skilled brand authenticity experts checks and double checks
  • Sellers must confirm with every posting that their item is a 100% AUTHENTIC
  • We contact new sellers and profile check before their items are posted online
  • If we have any doubt, we de-activate the advertisement and contact the seller for more specific info

What can you do?

  • If you have any doubt, contact the seller for more information, detailed pictures and authenticity numbers.
  • Ask for a proof of purchase, original receipt and purchase location
  • Do not rush into buying when having doubts
  • Not convinced? Send us an email at with your questions.
    important: Please include the link of the advertisment.

Inform yourself about backgrounds of production and sales of fake designer items. This involves childlabour and terror groups are funded from the proceeds. Be aware and be alert.

Thanks for your support. Fakes are never in Fashion!

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